Onze heren stellen zich voor:


Kozepfoldi Cannabis

Born at 2009, 15 April

HD A  EuDDC-approved with 280 points



Edendane's Thunderstruck

Born at 2010, 13 May

HD B  EuDDC-approved with 295 points

NL-YouthCh. en Winner 2011

NL-Ch, Clubwinner 2012 in NL and CH




Elliot van Acasius

Born at 2010, 27 September

HD A  EuDDC-approved with 274 points





Eddington van Acasius

Born at 2010,  27 September

HD B  EuDDC-approved with 306 points





Edendane's Gambling Man

Born at 2012, 28 June




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